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Postponement of the Collector's Cabinet auction.

Posted: April 1, 2020 at 14:56 pm Author: Stuart Purcell

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Unfortunately, we have had to postpone our forthcoming Collector’s Cabinet auction to a, as yet unknown, future date. While we, ourselves, our vendors and all our collectibles clients are disappointed, the delay is unavoidable and perhaps it will serve to whet the appetite of the collectors out there! Hunger is the best sauce, they say. Speaking of which, we have much to be thankful for, as I was reminded by some of the items in the auction.

While our freedom is curtailed to a degree most of us have never experienced, we can at least drop down to the local supermarket and stock up with our favourite treats. This luxury was not available to the cook depicted at work in a photograph in lot 85. It was taken by Herbert Ponting, the photographer on Scott’s Antarctic expedition, and according to a label on the back, [his] ..” ingenious concoctions were the admiration of all". What he couldn’t do with seal meat wasn’t worth knowing, apparently and his penguin-au-vin was a triumph!

We are blessed to live in an age when medicine can hope to cope with a viral pandemic. What if we were around to experience the type of medicine meted out by the owner of the set of 19th century surgical instruments which are lot 44 in the auction? They are described as pre-Lister because they predate the introduction of the sterilisation of surgical equipment by Joseph Lister. They are from an age when a quick wipe on the surgeon’s apron was all the cleaning they got between operations. At the end of the day the blood-curdling saw and knives went back into their very attractive, velvet-lined, mahogany box, ready for the next patient.

We need to remember that this will pass, summer is coming and life will return to normal. Maybe the travel poster presents an idyllic view of times to come but it won't be long before we will all go out and chat to our friends, acquaintances and even strangers in the supermarket aisles, the coffee shops and restaurants. We will shake hands. Oh! and most importantly, collectors will be able to bid on the lots in the auction which will fill gaps in their collections!

In the meantime, I am available to offer valuations and advice on selling collectibles, email me with photographs at stuart@mullenslaurelpark.com

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