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Timed Online Auction - How to Bid

Posted: May 29, 2021 at 08:01 am

Welcome to Timed Online Auctions. You can now participate in Mullen's auctions entirely online.


Find the object you want to buy by browsing Mullen’s online catalogues on easyliveAuction.com. We recommend viewing the catalogue in ‘Grid’ format as you see more lots per page.

You can contact Mullen’s to ask questions about the item you are interested in. A key thing to remember is that, in an auction, it is up to you as the bidder to satisfy yourself about the condition of an item before you bid. Read the lot description, check the photos and if you need more information we will be happy to help you.

Once you have found the item you want to bid on, you can register by filling in a few details about yourself and securely registering your credit card. If you haven’t already created an account on easylive.com you’ll need to do that first, it only takes a moment.

Click on the lot that you are interested in. You can see what the current bidding on that lot has reached together with our guide estimates of its value. You can leave a new maximum bid at any point during the bidding period. The value of your bid excludes buyer’s premium of 20% (24.6% including VAT) which will be paid in addition. An additional 3% plus VAT is payable to easyliveAuction.com for online bidding.

A countdown clock is placed under every lot on the lot detail page for you to keep track on the time remaining to bid before the lot is closed. The sale will close one lot at a time, in sequential order.

If at any time during the auction you are outbid you will receive an email notifying you, giving you the chance to increase your bid.

Each lot closes at a pre-set time and is sold to the highest bid at that time unless a new highest bid is placed during the last 5 minutes. In this case the end time for that lot will be extended by another 5 minutes until there are no more bids remaining. A lot of bidding activity happens in those final minutes, so keep monitoring the lots you are interested in!

If you are unable to follow the sale to its end, simply enter your maximum amount and select ‘Set Max Bid’. Your bid will be executed automatically on your behalf, in increments, up to and including this amount.

Bid the maximum price you would pay for the lot; we will try and secure the lot for you at the lowest possible price. For instance if you bid €2,000 on a lot and the highest other bid we receive is €1,200 you will get it for €1250.00.

If your bid is successful Mullen’s will notify you and email you an invoice.

Good luck!

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