The Collector's Cabinet

11th July 2020

Showing lots 1 - 99

Lot 1

Neolithic Chinese yellow jade ceremonial axe-head,

Lot 2

Chinese Tang Dynasty terracotta figure of a female courtier

Sold for: €190.00

Lot 3

A bronze axe head, possibly Persian Luristan,

Sold for: €270.00

Lot 4

A small collection of Egyptian faience.

Sold for: €150.00

Lot 5

An Anatolian marble Kusura type idol, of flat form

Lot 6

Antique silver mirror, possibly Roman

Lot 7

Roman crossbow fibula, an ancient bronze ring fragment, a bronze ring with oval mother of pearl intaglio seal

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 8

Circa 200 AD, Bactrian gold plaque

Sold for: €700.00

Lot 9

Antique terracotta oil lamp,

Sold for: €140.00

Lot 10

Medieval double comb, possibly Viking,

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 11

Indian carved sandstone lion,

Sold for: €150.00

Lot 12

Carved sandstone bust of Christ wearing a Crown of Thorns, portrayed with a drooping Irish moustache,

Sold for: €2000.00

Lot 13


Lot 14

1579 Map of Ireland by Ortelius. A hand-coloured, engraved map, Eyrn Hiberniae, Britannicae

Sold for: €2400.00

Lot 15

1619 Map of East Ulster by Gerard Mercator, hand-coloured, engraved map, Ultoniae Orientalis,

Sold for: €280.00

Lot 16

1636 Map of the southern half of Ireland by Mercator and 1759 Plans of the Principal Ports, Towns and Harbours

Lot 17

1650 Map of the Arctic by William Janszoon Blaeu

Sold for: €550.00

Lot 18

1690s Map of Ireland by Nicolas Visscher,

Sold for: €400.00

Lot 19

1695, The Kingdom of Ireland, by Robert Morden.

Sold for: €300.00

Lot 20

1708 & 1766 Maps of Ireland, incorporating the earliest recorded view of the Irish Parliament,

Sold for: €220.00

Lot 21

1744 A Correct Chart of St. George's Channel and the Irish Sea and Tallis' map of Britain and Ireland,

Sold for: €200.00

Lot 22

1789 Chart of the World, by Samuel Dunn.

Sold for: €320.00

Lot 23

1781 Map of Cape Fear showing the battle dispositions of Cornwallis' Army.

Sold for: €75.00

Lot 24

1790 Map of the Eastern seaboard of North America, by Jean Baptiste Bourguignon d'Anville.

Sold for: €1600.00

Lot 25

18th century engravings of Irish artefacts, The Harp of Brian Boromh (Ború) and The Charter Horn.

Sold for: €100.00

Lot 26

1779 Paddy on Horseback, cartoon by Gillray.

Sold for: €190.00

Lot 27

1782 Irish Gratitude, cartoon by Gillray.

Sold for: €150.00

Lot 28

1798 Lord Longbow, the Alarmist, discovering the Miseries of Ireland, cartoon by Gillray.

Lot 29

1798 Consequences of a Successful French Invasion

Sold for: €220.00

Lot 30

1798 United Irishmen in Training and United Irishmen upon Duty, cartoons by Gillray.

Sold for: €600.00

Lot 31

1805 Posting in Ireland, cartoon by Gillray.

Lot 32

1810 He Steers his Flight Aloft and Introduction of the Pope to the Convocation at Oxford, cartoons by Gillray.

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 33

1800 (20 May) Certificate to a veteran Irish soldier in recognition of service French Army

Sold for: €150.00

Lot 34

Robert Emmett, The Irish Patriot, hand-coloured lithograph

Sold for: €750.00

Lot 35

Arthur Wellesley, The Duke of Wellington, collection six of hand-coloured engravings.

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 36

George III Great Seal of Ireland in Dublin pewter case,

Sold for: €500.00

Lot 37

1821 Public Entry Into the City of Dublin of George IV.

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 38

Dublin prints, A Perspective View of Dublin City from Phoenix Park, 1780

Lot 39

1780-1853 Dublin and environs, hand-coloured engravings,

Sold for: €120.00

Lot 40

Model of the 1818 United States Revenue cutter 'Alert'.

Sold for: €300.00

Lot 41


Lot 42

Moore (Lieut. Joseph). Views taken at or near Rangoon,

Lot 43

Circa 1830 Map of North America by Lizars, Edinburgh.

Lot 44

19th century pre-Lister surgical instruments in brass-bound mahogany case

Lot 45


Sold for: €400.00

Lot 46

1849 The Arrival of Queen Victoria in Queenstown, now Cobh.

Lot 47

1850 & 1860 Plans of Boston New York,

Sold for: €220.00

Lot 48

Daniel O'Connell Esq. M.P. A hand coloured, engraved portrait of the Liberator

Lot 49

Daniel O'Connell, cartoons and a portrait engraving.

Lot 50

Daniel O'Connell, portrait engravings and illustrations.

Sold for: €220.00

Lot 51

1837 Daniel O'Connell. House of Commons, public gallery pass, in O'Connell's hand and signed by him

Sold for: €1200.00

Lot 52

Collection of eight medals of Daniel O'Connell. A variety of medals commemorating anniversaries

Sold for: €400.00

Lot 53

1839 (July 7) Autograph letter from a British traveller in Ireland to William Aldam Esq.

Sold for: €260.00

Lot 54

1871 The Eviction, A Scene From Life In Ireland, hand-coloured lithograph after William Henry Powell (1823-1879) depicting families ejected from their homes with a poem by O'Donovan Rossa in the margin, published by Robison & Mooney, New York. 20 x 25 (51 x 64cm) framed.

Lot 55

19th century Irish School, portrait miniature of a gentleman, a member of the Hart family of Co. Donegal

Sold for: €200.00

Lot 56

Circa 1870 Protest Against the British Government. A bust of Robert Emmett flanked by angels

Lot 57

Charles Stewart Parnell. House of Commons, public gallery pass, for 19th December, signed by Parnell

Sold for: €800.00

Lot 58

Irish Parliamentary Party and Land League politicians, a collection of carte de cabinets,

Sold for: €280.00

Lot 59

Footman's Livery coat.

Sold for: €180.00

Lot 60

1880s and 1890s rural distress and relief. Four hand-coloured engravings

Lot 61

Collection of Irish livery and hunt buttons (50+)

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 62

Collection of royal and noble households' livery buttons (50+)

Sold for: €140.00

Lot 63

Membership certificate for the 1798 Centenary Committee in Co. Wicklow,

Sold for: €190.00

Lot 64

Late 19th/early 20th Century National Cash Registers counter top retailer's till

Sold for: €300.00

Lot 65

Circa 1890 A French miniature terrestial globe by E. Bertaux, Paris,

Lot 66

A pair of Victorian binoculars, branded Chencellor, Dublin to the eye pieces,

Lot 67

Late 19th century, two Imperial Austro-Hungarian metal street signs.

Sold for: €130.00

Lot 68


Lot 69

Freemasonry. 19th century Masonic regalia, jewels, certificates and accessories of William Conolly.

Sold for: €200.00

Lot 70

Freemasonry. Meredith Lodge 388 (Dalkey) Master Mason's apron, Masonic regalia and a Masonic claret jug.

Lot 71

Victorian diplomatic court bicorn hat.

Sold for: €170.00

Lot 72

1892, Royal (Collins) Barracks Architectural drawings of the Esplanade

Sold for: €190.00

Lot 73

1896 (November 27) Gaiety Theatre - 25th Anniversary, presentation silver sovereign case,

Sold for: €450.00

Lot 74

Late 19th - Early 20th century Dublin Corinthian Club badge

Lot 75

1798-1898 Sligo commemoration of the Centenary of the United Irishmen Rebellion

Sold for: €550.00

Lot 76

19th century silk needlework panel Erin go Bragh

Sold for: €240.00

Lot 77

19th century processional banner venerating St. Aidan of Ferns.

Sold for: €440.00

Lot 78

A 19th century processional banner venerating Saint Colman.

Sold for: €500.00

Lot 79

A 19th century processional banner venerating St John The Evangelist.

Sold for: €850.00

Lot 80

Circa 1900, Royal Irish Constabulary valedictory address to Head Constable P. Beirne, "

Sold for: €500.00

Lot 81

1883 Auction Notice, Castleknock, Co. Dublin.

Sold for: €95.00

Lot 82

1907-1915 Cavan Infirmary Minute Book.

Sold for: €190.00

Lot 83

The Illustrious Sons of Ireland

Lot 84

London Olympics, 1908, Competitor's Badge

Sold for: €360.00

Lot 85

1910-1913 Polar Exploration, two photographs by Herbert Ponting of Scott's Antartic Expedition

Sold for: €1100.00

Lot 86

Polar Exploration John Robert Francis Frank Wild autograph signature

Sold for: €260.00

Lot 87

1913-1919 Photograph album. Col. Frank Thornton, 5th Royal Irish Lancers.

Sold for: €600.00

Lot 88

1915 Flanders WWI, photograph of British troops boarding buses.

Sold for: €360.00

Lot 89

1915 Royal Dublin Fusiliers, photographs of officers and NCO's of the 1st Battalion and an officer's dugout sign.

Sold for: €420.00

Lot 90

1914-1918 Trench-art candle holder,

Sold for: €75.00

Lot 91

Erskine Childers' Royal Navy Reserve officer's sword.

Sold for: €7200.00

Lot 92

Easter Monday, 1916. Unused theatre ticket for the Coliseum Theatre, Henry Street

Sold for: €340.00

Lot 93

1916 Rising Service Medal.

Sold for: €2900.00

Lot 94

Frank Thornton, IRA Intelligence Officer his 1916 Rising miniature pair.

Sold for: €6500.00

Lot 95

1916 Rising Daily Sketch photograph, "Soldiers holding a Dublin street".

Sold for: €260.00

Lot 96

1913-1916 Postcards, a collection of twenty postcards of the Rising

Sold for: €450.00

Lot 97

1916 Collection of six Rising postcards,

Sold for: €150.00

Lot 98

"Lament for Patrick Pearse", sheet music,

Lot 98A

Padraig Pearse, bronze relief bust of the Leader of the Rising

Sold for: €170.00

Lot 99

1916 Rising, the executed leaders, an early 20th century photo montage of the leaders of the Rising